Friday, August 31, 2012

Brand New Vegetarian Food Blog

I've been cooking a lot lately and I've been going crazy with recipe posts, too.  It seemed like this blog was four inches away from becoming a food portal and I was concerned that readers who visit this page just to check out vegetarian recipes might be disappointed whenever I decide to post normal blog entries.

I saw only one solution to that problem: create a new blog just for vegetarian food.

So I did!  All my recipes from this blog have been transferred there and any new ones will be posted there.  No more recipes here from this day onwards.  This is a blog for musings, not food p*rn, as some of my friends call it! Hahaha!

Go ahead and check out my new food blog!  It's called The Kitchen of an Eccentric Male Specimen.

Click on the link below.

You may also click on the sixth tab above that says VEGETARIAN KITCHEN.