Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Westboro Baptist Church Needs To Be STOPPED!

I just have to stress this over and over and over and over and over again!

You cannot just go around telling people that God hates them simply because they do not adhere to whatever precepts a certain institution has derived from the Holy Bible, the Holy Qur'an, or any other book of holy scriptures, for that matter!

Come to think of it, you are the very same people preaching of God's UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

Do you even know what "unconditional" means?

Go look it up!

I know I've ranted about this quite a long time ago, but no statement is ever enough.

I'm sick and tired of hearing from people that I'm going to hell because of this and that passage taken from the first book of coffee beans found in the holy scriptures of musical chairs, decreed in the law of schnitzel and egg noodles!

Damn it!

Fred Phelps obviously believes that God sent him to utilize wood and paper and ink and gullible people to picket around funerals and Lady Gaga concerts to warn them that God hates them just because they're the way they are.


I shudder at the idea of ever getting the chance to read his thoughts!

I could imagine the disgusting things that go on in that head


To him and those gullible pinhead church members of his, God hates everyone except them!



Who do they think they are?


Bag-o Pa Gani

Bag-o pa gani ko ni-ingon nga di na magsige og lalis, naglalis na hinuon pod.  Ako-a man tu-od pod to'ng sala.  Manhid ra kaayo ko sa gibati nimo.  Wa nako gi-timbang ang duha ka aping.  Tanga man gud pod ko.  Na-uwaw hinuon ko da!  Aw, gikinahanglan g'yud 'to nako pod para maka-hino'ong ko sa akong mga sayop.  Pagka-daghan 'jud nako'g wa mahibaw-i.  Salamat 'jud.  Ni-samot akong pagkasiguro sa akong gugma nimo.  Karon, klaro nga naa 'ju'y hinongdan to'ng awaya.  Giganahan ko sa gigaw'san.

Wa ko kahibaw og unsaon nako pag-pasundayag sa akong gugma nimo.  Daghan kaayo'g mga pu'ong, pero mga pu'ong ra man gud na sila.  Og unsa akong tuniod nga gibati, ikaw ra man 'jud ang makahibaw kay ikaw ra man pod ang makabati.  Di iksakto nga igo ra ko mo-ingon nga gihigugma ka nako, ang imong gibati ang may naa'y hinongdan 'jud.

Nalipay ko nga gipangsulti nimo imong mga gipang-bati nako.  Na-uwauwan man gani ko, pero wa'y problema. Nalipay ra pod ko.  Lami kaayo ka paakon pero di na lang ko kay lab-as pa baya ra sa atong lalis-lalis.  Basin mo-balik imong kasubo.  Salamat kay ni-kalma ka human sa imong gipagawas nga mga hinanakit.

Naka-piyong ko sa akong gibati og nakapahiyom kay kadto tanan nagpasabot nga nahigugma ka nako.  Nagtubo pa atong gugma kay bata pa ni kaayo.  Bag-o pa kaayo ta.  Pa-paak ko sa akong wa-it, bisa'g sakit, lami gihapon.  Tam-is 'jud nang maayo nga kahumanan sa kasakit, no?


Gihigugma 'jud ka nako kaayo!  Wa na'y lain!  Ikaw ra jud ang bugto'ng nakapanag-iya sa akong kasing-kasing!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Try and Sing That Which Dwells Within, Farrah


This song reveals the unsung emotion that dwells within, as you have very poetically put it.

I have no idea what it is.

We have been friends for seven years, but that does not afford me the privilege to say I know you well enough.  You have not truly opened the book of your life for humanity to enjoy--albeit feast on.  You continue to dwell in the shell of your convenient comfort zone, safely tucked away from the adventures of life.

You are never predictable, yet always fully transparent.  You hold the potential power to create wars among nations or peace among the tech giants of the world.

Life has unfolded itself upon you in such that faith has been shattered in so many places in your heart and in your mind.  You have begun to crawl in Divine Discontent--seeking answers that convention could never satisfy.  All that will change soon enough.

You are an unyielding secret keeper (in sobriety), a bitch in one way or another (but never a whore), a genius in the dynamic world of digital intelligence, an adept of the pen as a weapon, and a freakishly awesome friend!

More than all that, you also happen to be an UNOFFICIAL EMO GIRL!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Smile at Your Unrelenting Passion to Find Yourself, Bienna


Why did I choose this song?

I chose this song because, Bienna, it very closely represents a conversation you would have with yourself.

You have seen the world.  You have traversed both land and ocean.  You have conquered vast jungles and met some of the holiest people in existence.

You have been lured into happiness, submitting with full loyalty - only to have your heart shattered. You have always been faithful, yet past lives' karma has purposely allowed you to taste the sweetness of love and the bitterness of betrayal.

You know so much about your Earthly home, yet so little about yourself.  It is apparent that you have tried very hard and intently to create a bond between Bienna and Bienna, but realization of its difficulty has struck you down time and time again.

I smile seeing you as you are - beautifully imperfect, seasoned, and armed with passion in your quest to face the world in search of who Bienna truly is.

I admire your unrelenting drive to seek truth in a world overwhelmingly filled with lies and misdirections.

Your wishes are my wishes, too.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You're A Beautiful Mess, Brenda

This song speaks a lot about the kind of person you are.

I believe you could find resonance in this.

You're as beautiful as you are complex.

For a man, quite a formidable challenge is to be faced before gaining the ability and privilege of being able to comprehend the hidden mazes within the facade of beauty that you mask sheer intellect with.

You are much more than the things that you appear to deliver.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Love in Sweet Slumber

I want to be with you.

I want to lie down beside you,
And feel your heat.

I want to caress you to sleep,
On your forehead;
On your arms,
On your smooth rear.

I want to feel your warm skin,
Against my own,
As we lie side-by-side,
Brushing against each other.

I want to feel the sensation,
Of your breath,
Gently tickling my neck,
With each exhalation,
Subtly calling my name.

I want to feel the heat,
Of your body,
While you embrace me,
With arms supple as silk.

I want to listen to your soft snore,
Buzzing as gently,
As the soft summer breeze,
In a far mountain home,
In tune with the call of cicadas.

I want to touch your face,
The face of the one,
Whose heart I hold.

I want to kiss you,
Even without you knowing,
With my eyes closed,
As my lips tenderly meet yours.

I want to run my fingers,
From your neck,
Down to your abdomen,
Down to your legs,
And up again.

I want to feel each kick,
And hear each word mumbled,
Each time you traverse,
The world of dreams.

I want to whisper,
In your ear, “I love you,”
While you sleep,
And hear you in my mind,
Saying you love me, too.

I want to be close to you,
During these hours,
To keep you safe,
To keep you warm.

I want to hold you,
As close as I can,
To me whose heart you own.

I want to feel your being,
With our spirits embracing.

I love you like no other,
And that is why,

I want to be with you.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Zach Wahls on Being Raised by a Lesbian Couple

Way to go, Zach!

Having consumed more than half a pack of peppermint and chocolate-flavored candy, I found it hard to sleep yet again.  I don't know.  Maybe that sugar overload eating spree was my way of celebrating the Lunar New Year.

Anyway, five in the morning came and I found myself browsing through Facebook feeds until I stumbled upon an article reposting by the It Gets Better Project.  It screamed:
Straight Kid With Gay Parents Testifies At Hearing In Iowa During Debate Over Banning Gay Marriage
"Now, this is interesting," I thought to myself.

I didn't know if the straight kid in subject was pro or against the cause, but it was something I felt the need to watch, nonetheless.  And...  Sure enough, I did not regret it.  It was such an awesome and poignant speech detailing how the definition of the American family is truly as subjective as the interpretation of the Bible.  It was a bronze-bristled brush rubbed hard against the faces of those who, with antediluvian perspectives, are so violently trying to ban gay marriage for plain selfish and fundamentalist view-fuelled reasons.  In other words, it was metal facial for the bigots.

Let me reiterate something from old posts of mine:  Acceptance, Understanding, and Love are the strongest paths towards peace.

Alright, here's the video...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Of Labels and Change

I don't need labels.

I don't know why it occurred to me to have myself photographed with these marks on my face.  I guess it has something to do with labels and loss of meaning.  Wait, no.  I'm not entirely sure of the reason.  Maybe it's something else.  Read.

I'm going to start with telling you that these are mirror images.  Yes, after taking the shots, I mirrored them all since I painted my face facing a mirror.  Otherwise, the marks would be facing an unusual direction.  Go figure.

On the right side of my face is an X.  It represents many things.  It may mean being incorrect; it may mean I'm presenting such side as a target for someone's fist; and it may mean "slice here, Doktora Belo."  [LOL]

On the left side of my face is a tick.  Like the X, it could also mean many things.  It could mean correctness; it could also mean inclusion; it could mean "yes;" and it could even mean "no," in some countries.

On my forehead is a question mark.  Unlike the two marks on either cheek, this one basically means only one thing.  It's pretty obvious in its name that it means there is a question.  Whether you use the term uncertainty, inquiry, or whatever--it's the same thing.  It's a question.

These marks, being marks, are labels.  Some of you may have noticed that the upper left most photo among the four is currently (as of February 1, 2011) being used as the profile photo on my Facebook account.  As a caption, I said, "Stop giving me unnecessary labels. I can live without them."  Those of you who may know only a minuscule amount of information about me would quickly infer that I mean sexual orientation labels or political stance labels.  You may be right to some degree, but you're not entirely right.

The labels that I speak of extend far beyond the two kinds.  And, no, I do not mean Gucci or Fendi or Manolo Blahnik.  And don't get me wrong either.  What I mean by labels is different from personal identification.  I have no problem being identified as bisexual or gay or a democrat or a Theosophist or a non-Christian or someone's boyfriend or someone's best friend or whatever.  In fact, in my Who I Am page, you'll find that I purposely keyed in various self-identifications.

I accept that I am many things to many people and I don't have a problem with views about me.  What I have a problem with is the pejorative use of these identifications/descriptions.  It is exactly that which qualifies them as labels.

Let me give you a number of scenarios:

"You mean, Ludwig?  He's also bisexual.  He might be interested in joining this cause." - IDENTIFICATION

"You mean, Ludwig?  He's bisexual.  That might offend him." - IDENTIFICATION

"You mean, Ludwig?  He's gay.  He might be interested in that cute guy you have there." - LABEL

"You mean, Ludwig?  He's gay.  He's going to hell!" - LABEL

"You mean, Ludwig?  He's not Catholic.  He'll never attain salvation like we will." - LABEL

"You mean, Ludwig?  He's not a Christian, but ask him if he wants to join our trip to the Holy Land." - IDENTIFICATION

You get my point now?  I know you're probably turning your heads left-to-right-to-left-to-right-to-left now, but this is just how I see it.  I don't even really see the significance of Vivien Westwood and why Oscar de la Renta's wedding gowns are better than the ones my grandmother's seamstress makes using the same materials.  The fact is, they're not necessarily so.

Moving on...

Let's digress...

These tiles of face marks and facing left and right may also mean change of mind.  One moment, I may affirm and agree to something, the next moment I may have a different view.  Like in the song Second Chances, performed by Lea Salonga, which Jay Kuo composed for his new musical called Allegiance.  It bears lyrics saying, "Nothing in life is so permanent that LOVE can't rearrange."