Friday, February 11, 2011

Love in Sweet Slumber

I want to be with you.

I want to lie down beside you,
And feel your heat.

I want to caress you to sleep,
On your forehead;
On your arms,
On your smooth rear.

I want to feel your warm skin,
Against my own,
As we lie side-by-side,
Brushing against each other.

I want to feel the sensation,
Of your breath,
Gently tickling my neck,
With each exhalation,
Subtly calling my name.

I want to feel the heat,
Of your body,
While you embrace me,
With arms supple as silk.

I want to listen to your soft snore,
Buzzing as gently,
As the soft summer breeze,
In a far mountain home,
In tune with the call of cicadas.

I want to touch your face,
The face of the one,
Whose heart I hold.

I want to kiss you,
Even without you knowing,
With my eyes closed,
As my lips tenderly meet yours.

I want to run my fingers,
From your neck,
Down to your abdomen,
Down to your legs,
And up again.

I want to feel each kick,
And hear each word mumbled,
Each time you traverse,
The world of dreams.

I want to whisper,
In your ear, “I love you,”
While you sleep,
And hear you in my mind,
Saying you love me, too.

I want to be close to you,
During these hours,
To keep you safe,
To keep you warm.

I want to hold you,
As close as I can,
To me whose heart you own.

I want to feel your being,
With our spirits embracing.

I love you like no other,
And that is why,

I want to be with you.