Thursday, February 3, 2011

Zach Wahls on Being Raised by a Lesbian Couple

Way to go, Zach!

Having consumed more than half a pack of peppermint and chocolate-flavored candy, I found it hard to sleep yet again.  I don't know.  Maybe that sugar overload eating spree was my way of celebrating the Lunar New Year.

Anyway, five in the morning came and I found myself browsing through Facebook feeds until I stumbled upon an article reposting by the It Gets Better Project.  It screamed:
Straight Kid With Gay Parents Testifies At Hearing In Iowa During Debate Over Banning Gay Marriage
"Now, this is interesting," I thought to myself.

I didn't know if the straight kid in subject was pro or against the cause, but it was something I felt the need to watch, nonetheless.  And...  Sure enough, I did not regret it.  It was such an awesome and poignant speech detailing how the definition of the American family is truly as subjective as the interpretation of the Bible.  It was a bronze-bristled brush rubbed hard against the faces of those who, with antediluvian perspectives, are so violently trying to ban gay marriage for plain selfish and fundamentalist view-fuelled reasons.  In other words, it was metal facial for the bigots.

Let me reiterate something from old posts of mine:  Acceptance, Understanding, and Love are the strongest paths towards peace.

Alright, here's the video...