Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Smile at Your Unrelenting Passion to Find Yourself, Bienna


Why did I choose this song?

I chose this song because, Bienna, it very closely represents a conversation you would have with yourself.

You have seen the world.  You have traversed both land and ocean.  You have conquered vast jungles and met some of the holiest people in existence.

You have been lured into happiness, submitting with full loyalty - only to have your heart shattered. You have always been faithful, yet past lives' karma has purposely allowed you to taste the sweetness of love and the bitterness of betrayal.

You know so much about your Earthly home, yet so little about yourself.  It is apparent that you have tried very hard and intently to create a bond between Bienna and Bienna, but realization of its difficulty has struck you down time and time again.

I smile seeing you as you are - beautifully imperfect, seasoned, and armed with passion in your quest to face the world in search of who Bienna truly is.

I admire your unrelenting drive to seek truth in a world overwhelmingly filled with lies and misdirections.

Your wishes are my wishes, too.