Friday, February 25, 2011

Try and Sing That Which Dwells Within, Farrah


This song reveals the unsung emotion that dwells within, as you have very poetically put it.

I have no idea what it is.

We have been friends for seven years, but that does not afford me the privilege to say I know you well enough.  You have not truly opened the book of your life for humanity to enjoy--albeit feast on.  You continue to dwell in the shell of your convenient comfort zone, safely tucked away from the adventures of life.

You are never predictable, yet always fully transparent.  You hold the potential power to create wars among nations or peace among the tech giants of the world.

Life has unfolded itself upon you in such that faith has been shattered in so many places in your heart and in your mind.  You have begun to crawl in Divine Discontent--seeking answers that convention could never satisfy.  All that will change soon enough.

You are an unyielding secret keeper (in sobriety), a bitch in one way or another (but never a whore), a genius in the dynamic world of digital intelligence, an adept of the pen as a weapon, and a freakishly awesome friend!

More than all that, you also happen to be an UNOFFICIAL EMO GIRL!