Wednesday, August 17, 2011

See You There?

A lot of people have this broad propensity to keep returning to the places that have contributed epic paragraphs to their lives' stories and helped make them who they are.

I'm not talking about hometowns and families because that's generally a given no matter how much of a ne'er-do-well you are.  I'm talking about alma maters and boarding schools.  For instance, every year, thousands and thousands of alumni and alumnae flock to Silliman University for the Founders' Week.

Some jump over ridiculous obstacles and are probably willing to walk through a hedge of thorny bushes just to make it in time.  I think I know why.  There's so much emotional attachment between the school, the person, and other persons from the school.  And, of course, they expect a lot of their kind to be there during such time.

I'm not shunning the practice or anything.  In fact, I'm about to do the exact same thing in over a week.


See you there?