Monday, September 26, 2011

Featuring My Hair

Some people love it,
Some people don't care.
Some people envy it,
Well get your own hair!

Some people dislike it,
I couldn't care less.
Some people hate it,
How I feel, you guess!

Jes' 12th Birthday - Me, My Mom, and Padre Jonas
My Mom looks weird in this one.
She kinda looks like a wicked Witch about to turn someone into a toad!
She's among those who dislike my hair and keeps futilely egging me to have it cut.

Jes' 12th Birthday - Bilu, Me, and Stephie
blurred photo, but I like it anyway

Reviewing Bohol Coco Farm - Me and a goat

Dad Manuel and Mommy Ver's 50th - Mamalol and I
before the food was served

Dad Manuel and Mommy Ver's 50th - Just me
And the photographer really caught me right when I turned my head.  No, I wasn't purposely flipping my hair!