Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th from 2001 Through Last Year

In 2001, THOSE attacks took place.

According to publicised reports:  Religious extremists hijacked commercial aeroplanes and purposely crashed them onto specific targets, destroying the World Trade Centre in New York City and severely damaging The Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia.   A third hijacked jet on its way to Washington DC botched its operation due to civilian resistance and ended up crashing into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.  Nearly 3,000 people were killed, more than 6,000 got injured, and over 18,000 acquired toxic dust-related illnesses.

Another infamous event that was less published was the assassination of Antonio da Costa Santos, mayor of Campinas, Brazil.

Three years later, in 2004, a helicopter crashed in the Aegean Sea, claiming the lives of 17 people including Patriarch Peter VII, then Pope of the Greek Orthodox Church of Alexandria.

Another three years later, Russia tested a new conventional weapon nicknamed, the Father of all Bombs.

Those sounded quite interesting to you, didn't they?

Exactly one year ago, several people died of accidents; protests were carried out; people were condemned; doctors went to jail; somebody threw something at a prime minister; there was an earthquake; there was a hurricane; blah-blah-blah; bad stuff, bad stuff and more bad stuff.  I'm not even going to specify them any more.  Why should I?

There are way too many negative things happening in the world for me to fuss about them and dwell on them.

Ten years ago, you know what happened.

For that, I send out positive energy to those in any way associated with anyone who lost his/her life during that incident -- most especially the rescuers who responded and lost their own lives in the process of helping others keep theirs.

Likewise, I send positive energy to those who have survived and continue to live today with indelible scars in their hearts and minds.

But all those things happened.  I'm over it already

We're bombarded with way too many negative things every single day.  Occasionally, an Earth-shaking incident would take place (both literally and figuratively) and several people die.  As a result, some are moved to fearful prayer; some stay apathetic; some take it upon themselves to investigate; some climb mountains of quasi-research to generate conspiracy theories; some accept whatever they hear; while some shrink in utter panic and end up doing extreme things.

I salute those who channel the idea of tragedies into constructive learning experiences and reasons to ponder on their own lives.  I salute those who regard every experience, be it negative or positive, as an inspiring cause to change for the better.

Look, there is nothing wrong with wanting to know about the things happening in our world.  In fact, it's important that we develop such yearning.  However, I hope the world develops a neutral yearning and takes good and bad things with an equal level of interest -- if a positive inclination is too difficult.  It is important that we focus not merely on the bad things because by doing so, we are subconsciously and collectively encouraging them to happen.  Most people almost never care to learn positive events.  It's a sad reality.

Let me tell you something else related to this:  I don't really believe everything the media lets out. I purposely stated "According to publicised reports" about the September 11, 2001 attacks above because I'm not completely won over by such reports.  However, whoever initiated those attacks, I'm not interested in knowing unless a major breakthrough comes out and greets me.  It's not something positive, so whatever!  I'd rather read about developments in ways we could help end hunger and how peace is being promoted amongst different countries and different religions.  Don't you?

Think about it.

Mo Bheannacht ort!