Sunday, October 23, 2011

Intact Egg + Microwave Oven = BAD IDEA!

I had a very bad case of momentary stupidity today.

I took a saucepan, filled it with water, and dropped two intact eggs in it.  I was so ready to mount it on top of the stove, when all of a sudden, I thought to myself, "screw it!  It's gonna take way too long.  I'll microwave one to boil and scramble the other one instead."  So I placed one in a microwavable thing-a-ma-jig half-filled with water, popped it in the microwave oven, set the timer to two minutes, and waited.

One minute into it and I found myself in the middle of a much-needed yawn when the egg literally exploded inside the oven!  It gave off a loud thud like someone's head was being bashed against a concrete wall.

Just an inch away from freaking out, I quickly unplugged the device and opened it and, well, I don't think I need to explain how it looked.

So, yeah, take it from me.  Intact raw eggs inside a microwave oven?  NO!  BiiiG NO!

To any family members of mine reading this...  No worries.  I cleaned it up right after taking a photo of it.  I also did a little research and found out that exploding eggs aren't detrimental to microwave ovens--just to the eggs and the emotional well-being of the stupid person/people in front of it.  In the latter case: me!  But I'm alright.  No therapy needed.  LMAO!