Thursday, April 18, 2013

Suo Gân

So I was thinking about war and the victims of war and the grief and the agony and the pain... And it suddenly occurred to me to look up that song Christian Bale sang as a young boy in the film "Empire of the Sun," so I did.

It's called Suo Gân and it's a traditional Welsh lullaby first printed around 1800.  It's such a beautiful song from a mother to a child.  I couldn't help but weep a little while listening to it after having read the English translation on Wikipedia.

Of course, it wasn't just the song that moved me; it was also the images of the victims of war that popped in my head.  Sometimes, humanity can get so disappointing.  So very, very disappointing!  It's sad to think that while some of us are doing things to remedy the horrid realities of life, many others are out there causing more devastation and depression.

But, anyway...