Saturday, May 7, 2011


"Is this a Catholic sectarian group? We may only accept Catholic groups."

This was the response of a certain POC for the retreat center beside the Augustinian monastery in Tabalong, Dauis, Bohol, when I inquired for accommodation and facility rental prices and told him that the Theosophical Society was considering the venue for its national convention in November.

I responded with a plain "No we are not.  Thanks, anyway," but that wasn't quite what I wanted to say.

Well, sir, I do respect your decision.  I understand that it's left to your discretion to deny people from availing of your services.

I'm wondering if it's really against company policy for you to accept non-Roman Catholic groups.  After all, a friend of ours did hold her birthday party there and it wasn't a Catholic group.  Sure, majority of the people there were Catholics, but there was nothing that branded the whole thing as a Catholic event.  I'm going to look into it.  Of course, since you've broken my heart and I've already erased the name of the place from the list of possibilities, there isn't a hint of a chance that we'll ever be spending it there.  I just want to find out what the real score is because I'm really bothered.

I mean, YES to a birthday party and NO to the TS?  Come on!

You know what my take on this is?  I think you were merely threatened by how Theosophical Society sounded.  I think you're one of the many typical fundamentalists in this world who fear things they don't comprehend.  And how could you when you don't take time?  How could you when your minds are so darn closed and fixated upon things you've been fed with since you were born?

Sir, I don't hate you for denying us, but I can't help but judge you as an individual.  No offense meant.