Monday, May 16, 2011

RH Now! We Need It!

What's taking too darn long?
I want RH Bill passed!
I want it passed NOW!

Why are there so many dumb people in the world who refuse to understand that this (RH Bill) is something progressive?

For that matter, why are there so many people against progress?


And what's this argument about rejecting the RH Bill because it means X would be taxing Y to buy Z's condoms?

What?  Would you rather have X tax Y and have a huge portion of Y's money get funneled into the pocket of some random corrupt politician while Z lives in poverty with 12 hungry children?

Now why would that happen?

Here's why:  Because, aside from the fact that he's a pauper who doesn't know anything and has nothing better to do, he didn't receive proper reproductive health education and family planning tips.

Why again?  Because the RH Bill is being suppressed by certain institutions who still believe it's the 19th Century.


Use that noggin!

And don't be a douche bag about this!

Any questions about it?
Wanna debate?
Wanna learn?
Wanna get educated?

Talk to me!