Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bill Maher Nails It

Listen all the way through.

This basically sums up most of my thoughts regarding hypocrite members of the organized denominations of Christianity.  Heck, some denominations are even fully hypocrite in itself without exception.  Need I mention a particular Westboro Baptist Church?  I don't even see it as a real church, to begin with.  It's merely a hate group disguised as a church so they won't have to pay taxes spreading their messages of hate and fundamentalist bigotry to the world.

Anyhow, if you want an overview of this video before going ahead and clicking that huge play button, I'll give you one.  Uhhh... Yes, there's a video down below.

It's about hypocrisy in Christianity.  You know how the Holy Bible speaks of loving the neighbor as one loves one's self?  That isn't practiced in most Christian denominations anymore and this does not exclude Roman Catholicism.  What kind of Christians would rejoice at someone's death?  Where have all Jesus' teachings of love and compassion for one's enemies gone?

I do understand that some churches actually uphold the teachings of Christ and it is left to its followers whether or not they adopt it in their daily lives.  Take note: "some."  Of course, majority of them aren't perfect since there those, whether entire denomination or individual members, that bear this I'm-powerful-and-blessed-and-I-will-be-saved-because-I'm-a-Christian character which irks me so much.  The dire thing in all this is that the Bible is actually self-contradicting and those who see it as infallible just ignore the good stuff and pick out the knick-knacks that they could use in their pursuit of spreading messages of discrimination against those that are different from them.

I accept that Christianity is basically benevolent but, like all other organized religions, the hierarchies that control such churches are the ones to blame for the breeding of discrimination and intolerance within them.

The very thing that triggered this speech was the fact that a lot of Christians reveled at the idea of Osama Bin Laden's death.  Now, I accept that some of Islam's followers are similar in league or even more extreme as fundamentalist Christians.  Islam basically teaches ways of love and peace as much as Christianity does, but much like their western counterpart, most of it is being received with blind eyes and deaf ears by the people who want to use the faith tradition to cater solely to their personal views.  That just puts them in the same footing.  They celebrate each other's demise.  In a world ruled by people like that, everyone would be left blind and toothless!

THIS:  A Roman Catholic clergyman giving a flip-off sign inside the church

IS NO DIFFERENT FROM THIS:  Fred Phelps preaching about hatred towards the LGBT community

OR THIS:  Shirley Phelps-Roper and members of the Westboro Baptist Church-con-hate-group raising placards promoting hatred in streets

OR EVEN THIS:  Masked Palestinian members of Islamic Jihad

The "benevolent" Roman Catholic Church Bishops Carlito Cenzon and Teodoro Bacani should get to see this, too!