Friday, July 1, 2011

Of Psychic Powers and a Brief Explanation of the Duality of Good and Evil

Psychic abilities are latent in every single human.  Some are born with it because of heredity, some develop it later in life, and yet, for some, it does not manifest in the present life.  There are factors that tend to awaken these things.

In a long path to spiritual development, for example, as one progresses, these psychic abilities manifest themselves.  However, this is a different topic.  If one chooses to follow spiritual development solely as a path, these powers are largely ignored and only tapped into when they are truly needed.  A concrete example follows.

A disciple of the Buddha had managed to reach a higher point in his quest for spiritual development.  After several hours of meditation, he unlocked the ability to make himself very lightweight. Thus, he was able to walk on water. 
He ran to the Buddha and told him about this.  "Master, Master!  I am now able to walk on water and I no longer need to employ the services of the boatman to cross the river."  Gautama replied, "Why do you pride yourself so?  You could save yourself the energy and benefit the boatman 10 coins if you take his boat to cross."

Yes, these things happen.  However, for most mystics of Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Sufism, Theosophy, Anthroposophy, and other similar faith traditions and spiritual brotherhoods including some Freemasons who are into deep spiritual studies, developed psychic abilities in the sense of the Pancatantra are termed siddhi and they are disturbances which are not to be focused on because they could end up stagnating development if you put much energy into them rather than your primary purpose.

Let me make it clear once again:  I am not  a Buddhist or a Jain or a Hindu or a Sufi Muslim or anything.  By faith, I practise universal mysticism--communicating with the divine through meditation and prayer.  Theosophy and Anthroposophy are not religions.  They are brotherhoods (or sisterhoods, likewise) of spiritual study and mystic development similar to Freemasonry but serving primarily as schools of thought.

Let's move on.  What is good?  What is evil?

Well, these things are not only culturally determined, although a large chunk of them are founded on predetermined religious principles. However, in the barest sense, for those equipped with appropriate spiritual understanding, each is innately able to discern if something is evil or otherwise good.

Is nature good?

No, nature is not good.  Nature is neutral.  Nature responds to its needs.  It does whatever it is bound by its laws to do.  Good and evil are human principles and as beings with separate and individualized consciousness, we are exempt from the rest of nature in this regard.

Why can some people manipulate nature?  What does that make nature when such things happen?

True, some people can manipulate energy in an arena that is perceived to be of nature.  There really are those potent enough to energize weather and alter the natural course for a while.  Take note, they are altering the natural course to favour one side of the duality.  When this happens, it is not nature anymore.  This is manipulation by a human being and it could be branded as either good or evil depending on the intentions of the one responsible for it. It comes with heavy Karmic consequences, though. One must also take note of that.  Be it good Karma or bad, it will be returned to those responsible.