Thursday, June 30, 2011

Absolute Justice

Life would be very convenient for me if I were to allow myself to sin everyday and confess at the end of each week to have everything effortlessly erased from my slate.

Or maybe... I could sin as much as I want, keeping faithfully in mind that I am predestined to be saved.

However, I'm not down with such paths.

I believe there is no convenient way to get through life.

I believe that mistakes are to be learned from and not simply erased from consciousness.

I also believe that negative acts are, likewise, to be returned to us in some other form, some time in the future - not merely dismissed as forgiven sins.

Yes, the Absolute God, fountain of Divine Consciousness, is unconditionally loving.

God loves all of us equally, regardless of differences.

God loves every human being - every race, male or female, every gender, every sexual orientation, every belief held.

It's a fact that's hard for some to embrace that God even loves the bigots and criminals equally as God loves those with positive consciousness.

God loves every other being - animal or plant or virus or bacteria or whatever.

Putting all those thoughts in mind, God's equal love for all also means that...
God is purely and infinitely fair.

Cheers, everyone.