Monday, June 13, 2011

Old Entry #11: Rainbow Connection - A Rant About This Severe Last Song Syndrome

Time for another one of these.

Hmmm... What have I done so far today?  Apart from studying, studying, Facebooking, Tweeting, and more studying, I don't think I've done anything else.  Oh, yeah, I ate, too.

What else?

Earlier today, I took a break from the jargon of economics and decided to watch a little local TV. I was lucky (?) they were playing a rerun of last night's Harapan debate on the Philippine Divorce Bill.  Goodness gracious!  I had my options but I chose to watch it again, anyway.  I wanted to fill myself with disgust for the opposition.  And, boy, did I succeed!  Stupid assholes!

Anyway, here's my old entry.  Enjoy!

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I don't know why.  For the past several years since time immemorial (of course, take note of the fact that I'm only 18), I've had a severe case of last song syndrome.  Yes, with this song.  Hey, it's not my favorite song or anything.  It just so happens to be stuck in my head.  All these years!

Picture my late grandfather.  Back when I was 5, whenever we'd visit our ancestral home, I'd be prancing through the living room going about my business--singing the song.  It's amazing how he managed to develop such tolerance for a boy singing about rainbows taking into account that he considers stuffed Bugs Bunny toys to be sissy.  And mind you, my voice was anything but masculine back then.

Imagine this common scenario.  I'd sit in front of my PC singing the song so jovially and then poof!  The internet connection bugs down.  I'd be making horrible shockwaves on the wood-tiled floor.  I'd be swearing tri-lingually with terms ranging from the usual "shit" to the more obscene "fuck" to the rather demeaning "putang ina" to the local "bilat sa ijang ina."  And then... Surprise, surprise!  Seconds later, still steaming from the ears, I'd start singing "So we've been told..."  Isn't that rather amazing?  No?  Yes?  Whatever!

I'm not sure, though, but it probably began when I heard Lea Salonga sing it as a child.  My dad had what I used to see as a tall pile of child-singers' music album audio cassette tapes -- Lea's included.  He'd play it every morning with the volume cranked up.  It was my alarm during school days -- from my years at the local Montessori to the end of gradeschool.  On weekends, it was recreational music for me.  The only reason why I stopped hearing it regularly was because my mom moved out of the house during their break-up.  Sad days.

Of course, I've out-heighted that pile by now but it still seems pretty big of a collection.  Most of them have already accummulated moulds over the years and, naturally, the wheels don't turn anymore.  However, this marvel excludes a few.  On top of the list is Lea Salonga's "Small Voice" -- an album that I never got tired of listening to.  I even brought it with me when I left the house.

Maybe she's the culprit.  It sure wasn't Kermit the Frogof The Muppets.  I was never really fond of those silly puppets whose feet nobody ever sees on TV.  No offense meant to those who adore the green icon.  Other than his, Lea's version and the Carpenters' were the only ones available for my ears at the time and I'm sure it wasn't Karen's voice that made it stick to my head.  Back then, I didn't have much appreciation for such deep contralto vocals.  Her albums weren't off my reach but I left them just where they were.  I always used to think they were just for the grown-ups.  ABBA's songs were more appealing to me.

When Jason Mraz's version came out, it got five thumbs down from me.  Not that it's ugly.  He has a great counter-tenor singing voice.  It's just that I'm adamant against versions other than Lea's -- only for this song, though.

And, again, the most peculiar thing is that it isn't even my favorite song.  Get a load of that!  I don't listen to it anymore.  I'd rather be hearing Idina Menzel singing Defying Gravity.  And sure, I do have other songs to LSS with but no matter how long I haven't heard the song, it always keeps coming back.

Weird, no?  No?  Yes?  Whatever!