Monday, June 6, 2011

Old Entry #10: Nosebleed

Another old entry just for the heck of it!

I didn't think this expression would last up to now.  I though it would eventually die after two years.  Alas, it still exists and thousands of university students in the Philippines still use it.

Yeah, whatever! 

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I used to ignore jokes forwarded to me via text messages on my phone so I wasn't really hooked to the infectious Inday Pandemic that was plaguing Silliman University--or any other university for that matter.

Halfway into the first academic semester of 2007-2008, I noticed that more and more people adopted the term "nosebleed" to retort to people who used English terms they didn't understand.

I'll give you a sample Inday joke.

Amo: Inday, ba’t sinisipon si Junior?

Inday: He came in direct contact from surfaces contaminated with rhinoviruses which entered the cells of the lining of his nasopharynx which in turn rapidly multiplied. Thus, giving him a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory system called acute viral nasopharyngitis.

Amo: [nosebleed sabay nataranta] what??! tumawag ka ng ambulansya!

Here's an example of an ordinary dialog wherein the term is used to describe a word I just said.

Klarisse:  Bon, go na!  Face him.  You're such a chicken talaga!

Me:  Ayoko nga!  Come on.  Talking to him will only exacerbate the situation.  As if it's not dire enough.

Klarisse:  Ano ba naman!  Nakaka-nosebleed naman ng terms mo!

Nakaka-nosebleed?  Which word/s?  From what I know, the term is heavily used by people who do not understand a certain word.  So has the English proficiency of the common Filipino student plummetted to such horrifying depht?

Even some of my classmates in Basic Communication used the term "nakaka-nosebleed" to describe our instructor.  Gahd!  It's their job to speak straight English with use of atypical terms!  How else the heck would your nose stop bleeding?

And besides, why the word nosebleed?  What logical explanation could you provide to associate incomprehension with nose bleeding?  I'd rather seePatrick Star drooling blankly infront of me while I speak English than see a university student bleeding from the nose.

Yes, I'm overreacting and I'm ranting about something which would make everyone else's lives better when ignored.  Sorry but it's just become too much for me.  Even usage of the term "euphemism" made someone's nose bleed just a couple of days ago.  What?  Why not go to and find out what it means?  For God's sake, why allow yourself not to be aware of what a certain word means?  I just used it.  Go look it up!

How would you respond then?  Just let your nose bleed profusely until Red Cross/Crescent starts bringing bags for you?  Ugh!  Some people!

Please!  Do take responsibility for your own noggins!  We each only have one.  Remember, if the brain does not get enough blood flow (because you allowed most of the blood in your head to fall off your nose), it will be damaged permanently.  That's an indubitable medical fact.

So, please!

Moreover, do find an alternative term for nosebleed.  It's getting old -- not to mention tremendously annoying.  Try using the expression intellectually orgasmic or what have you.  Just not nosebleed.