Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Rock and You Can't Contest That

See! The Goddess of Musical Theatre herself has spoken!

Oh, gosh!  I went completely crazy!

And she used my real name!

Waaaaahhhh!  When I read it I sat dumbfounded for five minutes with my mouth open!

I mean, sure, I've met her in person and talked to her, but this is different.

She said I rock!


On a more serious (less fanboyish) note...

Besides the fact that she's awesome in the field of music and theater...

I look up to Lea for her firmness in upholding what she believes in-

For standing up for her advocacies and using intellectual defense against adversaries-

For never giving up on trying to educate people no matter how incorrigible the may seem-

For being AWESOME!