Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Two Cebu Boys in Bohol

...with Two More Bohol Boys and One Bohol Girl!

On June 4th, 2011, a friend came over for the E.A.T. Danao experience.  On the trip, he tagged one of his friends along.

We traveled, we had death-defying fun, we ate, we traveled again, we stopped somewhere, then we traveled some more, stopped again, until we finally ate dinner somewhere.  Drunk and unruly partying followed to culminate the evening, naturally.

I don't think I need to explain all the photos. Just freaking look at them.

Credits go to Dake Suico and Cedric Lucero, our Cebu Boys, for the photos.

Here's my pathetic explanation:  That morning, I woke up in apathy thinking it would be just another day out, so I didn't bother bringing any camera.

I'm stupid and I'm saying it myself so you won't feel the need to tell me.

The Cast


 The Three (SuiSlidal) Idiots

Cedie Boy 


Pretentious bitch - she didn't plunge!
She told me she would.

going down


finally letting go

Oh, fuck yeah! 

Francisco Dagohoy Park 

Our Cebu Boys, Cedie and Dake 

Tickle, tickle, Farrah?
The Chocolate Hills

Smiles... Farrah's is forced! 

Going down 214 steps 

boob-grabbing at the man-made forest

At the Bohol Divers' Club

McKoi and Cedie 

 Me and the Cebu Boys
and, yes, it's just a shirt!  I'm not one!

Hula Ladies 

Farrah dancing the Hula 

 Fire dancer boy

Supporters of the Red Horse Bill... err, BEER 


I don't know that guy in white.
He told us he wanted to put up a restaurant in Bohol.

The "BOYS" 

Dede.... Nyahahahaha! 

Dede na jud!  ROFLMAO 

 Los Boholanos
na-piit na ko ninyo ha