Monday, December 27, 2010

Co Jordan with Mamalol, Daddy Butch & Mommy Cris

This was an impromptu trip for me. Mamalol wanted to go to Cebu and she tagged me along. Cool, huh?

We hung out with Daddy Butch and Mommy Cris.  I already knew she's very good at pampering, but I didn't know she'd shower her mother-in-law that lavishly.  Another beautiful new bag and pair of shoes for grandma.

The only thing I think I wasn't crazy about regarding that trip was the condition of their house.  It was undergoing renovation, so the roof wasn't very good yet.  It rained, so my suitcase got wet.  No problemo, though.  I meant just externally.  Everything else was awesome!  It was such a cool trip.  That was a nice alternative set of Cebu memories--on top of the vice-filled once I normally associate the island with.

Before we left, they took us to a place called Co Jordan in Consolacion, the same municipality where they reside. It was an establishment on water where oysters and milk fish were farmed. It was such an awesomely spontaneous experience bonding with them.

Son and Mom

Son, Mom, and Grandson

Son, Mom, Daughter-in-Law, and Grandson

All Smiles

Mangrove Patch

Strollin' around...

Mama Lol and I

Fish pens



Mommy Cris

Grandmother and Grandson

We took the 6:00PM Oceanjet trip home, but it left at 6:45 without prior notice of delay.  In addition to that brouhaha, one of the engines failed and the cooling system got busted!  And more so, I met a European guy on-board claiming to be a member of the Dutch Legionnaire Army and the next King of Belgium.   Darn Oceanjet!  See?  See?  Stuff like that are the reasons why I always choose NOT TO CHOOSE Ocjeanjet.  If it were up to me, I'd have chosen Weesam or Supercat!  I had a meeting with my writers' organization scheduled at 8, which I was able to get to only at 9:26.  Imagine that!

Nonetheless, today's impromptu Cebu trip was awesome!  It was the getting back here trip that totally wasn't!