Saturday, December 25, 2010

My First Christmas Blog

It's Christmas!  HAPPY, HAPPY DAY!  It's zero-sarcasm day, so you won't find a trace of it here.  Well, go figure!

Today is probably the happiest day for Christians all over the world--and even for those who aren't.  It's been said that the Christ Jesus of Nazareth was born on this day, 2010 years ago.  Awesome, isn't it?  And although this is a Christian celebration, a lot of my friends who aren't Christians also celebrate it.  They can't help it!  There's just too much love in the air to deny themselves a festive mood.  Be it the year-end sale of the holidays, the exchange of presents, the log burning in a fireplace that people rub their hands over, or simply just the image of Santa Claus on his sled--a smile is inevitable for the bearer of a heart that knows how to love.

I celebrated Christmas with my maternal family.  We kicked the day off at the Bohol District Jail for some gun firing exercises.  It's not something I'm particularly proud of having tried, but I did it anyway.  I wanted to know what it feels like to hold a gun, not to learn how to kill.  No way!

Why did I include that in my entry?  Well, even though I'm not proud of it, it was still a FIRST, so I consider it significant.

The celebration really started at dinner time when Mama Bimbim and her family came over for dinner.  Even though there were so many missing (Daddy Butch's and Uncle Czar's families), we still, somehow, felt complete and comfortable with the number.  The exchange of presents came shortly afterwards.

Alen giving a present to Alek

Alec giving one to Aileen

Jepoy and Mommy Joyce.  Mother and Son...

Alen Jairus Migriño Caseñas

From Auntie Emmie

For Mama Lol
(Once again... Yes, the hair is real!)

Who's it for, Mama Bimbim?

Joel, Mama Lol's chauffeur!  Of course he got presents, too!

Bilu, Alika, and Jes


Mommy Joyce got another one!

And I later found out that Alec (behind me) told Janggo to bite my chin... just in time for Jepoy to click on the shutter!  Crazy witch!

Me, Janggo and Mother

Those were specifically the moments of the year that made me wish growing up was a choice.  

I went with the rest of my Roman Catholic family to hear the Misa de Gallo to greet the strike of 12 at the Roman Catholic house of worship.  I went not for tradition's sake, but because I really did want to go.  I didn't mind being there at all.  I believe anyone can pray anywhere as long as mind, heart, and spirit are offered the right way.