Monday, September 20, 2010

Boredom Makes You FAT

At 3AM earlier today, boredom took its toll on me again and I was left with little to do.  I delved into the fridge in search of something interesting.  Apples?  Wasn’t in the mood for them.  Pineapple chunks?  They were still very pale.  Not very attractive.  So, no.  Jam?  No more bread.  Cheese?  No! Had some earlier.  So I went back to my room to look for something interesting there since the fridge was of no help at all.

I had already eaten all the toffee so that wasn’t an option anymore.  Would have loved to munch on that all night, but, alas, my appetite for sweets proved too much for such a minute amount of inverted caramelized molasses and butter.

The after-dinner butter mints looked quite delectable but I haven’t touched them yet and I figured, once I start, I couldn’t stop.  I feared I might eat it all.  So, I opted not to.

And then there was hopia, masareal, and a variety of Oishi Sponge Crunch flavors.  But the thing was that I had to open them and render them unsealed in order to enjoy them.  I really didn’t want to do any of that so I trashed the idea of eating.  Completely!

I opened my notebook to discover that the HP Games window had taken the liberty of opening itself for my convenience.  Nice!  I browsed through its arsenal of pre-installed free trial games to try and look for a boredom remedy.  I found  something called “Bejeweled Deluxe 2”.  It looked interesting with all its shining, shimmering colors and what not.  When I ran it, though, it was almost exactly like my roommate’s mobile phone game called “Super Jewel Quest”.  Nonetheless, I played it.  I played it and I was instantly hooked.

An hour into the game - obsessively matching diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and the like, Janette popped out of nowhere ranting about how she couldn’t sleep.  I was well into level 20 when she sat beside me to talk about how she was tired of Cebu and how she wanted to go out of the country.  I was all “uh-huh…” and “really?” and “wow” for lack of anything sensible to add.  Ten minutes later, she left and said she was going to bed.

Into level 25 and she popped up again.  This time, she asked for some of the hopia.  I gave her the entire box and prayed she would leave me some.  Of course, she did.  And then, she went away again.

Level 30 and she came to me a final time.  This time, she was craving for some pineapple.  I was like, “go ahead!”  When she took the lot out, I sampled a chunk and decided I didn't like it.  It tasted like wood and I promised myself I would never buy pineapples from that store ever again.  After a while, she left.

When I finished level 30 at 6AM, I contemplated on washing my face before hitting the hay.  I left the notebook open and the light on while I laid on the bed lazily trying to make a decision.

“If I wash up, I’d have to get up, grab a towel, walk to the shower, and do my thing.  Afterwards: pat myself dry, wear sleeping shorts, turn my notebook off, and kill the light.  Whereas, if I decide to drift away right now and forget washing up, allow the notebook to auto-sleep, and ignore the light, life would be much simpler.”  So, yes, you got that right.  I chose the latter.

I dozed off in the midst of all that shining, shimmering brightness.

And, oh, remember I said Melvin disappeared yesterday?  He’s back now.  He came home last night.  Turns out he was out on an excursion.  Lucky him!  And now, the Fabulous 4 is four again!

Awesome, isn’t it?

And know this, my discovery of Bejeweled Deluxe 2 marked my triumph over my boredom this morning.  It just dawned on me, however, that Janette was also experiencing the same feeling.  And because she didn't have a computer, food was her only recourse.

My realization for today:  boredom makes you FAT!  I'm glad I'm not.