Thursday, September 23, 2010

Glee Second Season

Yes, I'm a pirate.  I have no other way of being able to watch freakin' television if I don't share torrents.  I don't care what the FBI has to say about it.  I'm going to download every single freaking episode of which ever television show I want to see since I'm afforded the opportunity.

I'm not writing to talk about piracy and torrenting, though.  I'm here to write about the first episode of Glee's second season.  I have to download every episode from BTJunkie - so, yeah.  Do the two topics make sense to you now?

Anyway, I'm an admirer of Charice Pempengco and her awesome singing talent but I'm not necessarily that huge a fan.  I'm still a fan, nonetheless.  And now, she's on Glee and I love seeing her on it!  She's awesome!

Speaking of Glee, I have a sentiment.  Ever since Glee's pilot episode, I've been a gargantuan fanatic.  They have such amazing voices.  Such talent!  And I admire the show for introducing a new brand of cultural awareness to people who otherwise might not listen to - or even be aware of the existence of - musical theater songs.  How many young people from the common social class can claim that they knew the song Maybe This Time from pre-Glee era?  How many of them even knew Kristin Chenoweth?  These are the benefits the society has derived from Glee.

Yes, I am a Gleek like many my age are.  However, I call myself a sensible Gleek because I do love Glee, but Glee performances could never outdo or even come close to Bernadette Peters' Rose's Turn or Barbra Streisand's Don't Rain on My Parade or Lea Salonga's On My Own or Patti LuPone's I Dreamed A Dream or Liza Minnelli's Maybe This Time or any of the musical theater greats, for that matter!  It's just not possible.  These are legends we're talking about here.

Even if Kristin Chenoweth performed the latter song on Glee and even if she's one of the greats, that's Liza Minnelli, for goodness' sake.  Come on!

Glee's great and all and everyone should love it, but it's Glee.  It's primetime television.  Sure, Glee would easily outdo pop originals like Jazmine Sullivan's Bust Your Windows but definitely not real music in this arena.  No way!

Furthermore, everything should stop becoming a competition.  There are hundreds and hundreds of versions of every song and everyone has his/her favorite.  When Glee does songs from whatever genre, they're not trying to be better than anyone or show that they can do it better than the originals or the greats so there's no justification for invading Bernadette Peters' Rose's Turn on YouTube and going on and on about Chris Colfer this and Chris Colfer that!

Cultural ignorami just don't know where and when not to open their mouths!  Shut up 'cause you don't know what the hell you're talking about!