Thursday, September 30, 2010

Inspired... Twice

Alright, I said that previous post was going to be my only entry.  Well, I didn't intend to tell a lie while typing that.  People are simply dynamic.  Ergo, they change their minds.

I actually intended to include this in the previous post but it's far too valuable and too far-fetched from that topic.  Fads?  Inspiration?  They just don't sound right together.  Sorry.

So, anyway,  I told the Facebook-sphere via status update that I would be undergoing changes soon - towards becoming the kind of person that I want to be.  My powerful young cousin has already started pressing me for them.  Well, I haven't even started thinking about it yet.  I've just been knocked over and I need time to get up properly and compose myself before I do something drastic.

My good friend and adopted sister, Mitzi,gave me a great piece of advice.  She said, "In making changes, let it not be a shadow of your old self.  Remember, remorse always comes after."  Wow!  I thought that made my day.  I was wrong.

One more great thing came my way!  A formerly unknown personality - now a new good friend - from Nicaragua sent me a message saying how she admired my writings.  I was already inclined to respond right there and then but I didn't know what to say.  You see, I've been dying for sensible and intelligent conversations for over a month now (since being in Manila with Lea Salonga) and when one was apparent, I didn't know what to do.  I started off with adding her as a Facebook friend.

While I was composing my response, she commented on one of my posts with very inspiring words.  I was awestruck!  Seriously!  I've never had such intelligent statements addressed to me in so long.  And then another response... and another!  She is definitely one to call a friend and to cherish.  It's amazing to find a friend who could appreciate what I do - from across the world.  Thank you.

I should say, the world needs more people like you.  You're such a blessing.

And, oh, she seems like a very reserved person so I won't publish her name here like I do others.