Monday, September 20, 2010

Second Chances

I intended to include this in my previous entry (which I posted just minutes ago) but it would have been too far down and Lea Salonga always deserves to be seen spot-on.

For those who don't know me well enough, I am an enourmous fan of Lea Salonga and there are no words to describe her talent and sheer adeptness in her field so I won't make an attempt right now.  Enough said!  If you're wondering how huge a fan I am, think of air and how you can't survive without it.  That's how she (and her music) is to me.  Get it?

Anyway, when I opened Facebook earlier, I found the newest video of Allegiance: The Musical and it was Lea singing a song entitled Second Chances.  I played it and I felt like I went to heaven without dying.  It was superb.  It was just Lea in front of a bunch of people in Hawaii, accompanied by grand piano music.  No microphones.  Pure, raw musicality complete with her stirring expressions.  Dang!

Here, I can't end this hour without sharing it to the world: