Thursday, September 16, 2010

Get Up > Piss > Turn On PC > Facebook

 I've kind of gotten used to this habit.  When I wake, the first thing I do is piss (and, of course whatever else is necessary in the John).  Then, I head back to my room, turn on my computer, and then log-in to Facebook.

I don't know.  It's been like this for over two years now - sice Friendster got decommissioned from our hearts, so to speak.  My homepage used to be Friendster back in the days and my Firefox tabs would be a line-up of Friendster this and Friendster that.  I think it was the whole idea of being able to customize it that gave it that much kick over MySpace in The Philippines.

But then, of course, it was annoying.  Bottomline:  Friendster was fucking annoying - especially when you'd open someone's profile and then some loud-ass incubus music would play and then you'd be panicking to find the pause button.  That was what I hated.

Now that Facebook's here:  I'm free from all that - and then there's the chat part we all take advantage of.  Plus, status updates and applications.  Everything's easier.

But the thing is:  the Facebook cyberworld is slowly starting to replace a lot of things.  For example, talking to my cousin about charity grants for our NGO has been relegated to Facebook messaging instead of emails; party invitations have more often than not been turned into a Facebook thing.  What's next?

I'm not saying it's wrong or that I don't approve of it.  It's just freaking me out a little bit.  Maybe CNN might decide to do live TV broadcasts on Facebook!  Who knows?

Nonetheless, I love Facebook!  Who doesn't?  I just feel worried about myself Facebooking as early as 5 in the morning.  It's addictive, yah know!

And, oh, check out this video by HappySlip about Facebook.  It's called Facebook Fever.  It's fucking hilarious!  You'll love it!