Wednesday, January 12, 2011



You are one of sheer beauty.
I am swooned by your presence.

I need naught know what kind you are,
Or from whence you come.

I, myself, am like you.
I, myself, am a bird, too.

We have so much alike,
Having shared so little.
From that time we met,
'Till the eve that passed.

You are so close to me now.
You're in arm's reach.

Yet I can feel the distance.


Why do you clip your wings,
And ask me to clip mine?

I want to fly to your side,
And be with you--just that.

You fear so much,
That you'll fall off.

I know you want to fly,
I can feel your yearning,
I can feel your desire,
I can feel you.

But you fear the branch may,
Not hold both you and I.

Why, Bird, oh why?