Monday, January 3, 2011

Giving Up On Wordpress

A couple of weeks ago, I created two blogs--one for TULAY CC and one for Bohol Goodwill Volunteers CC.  I wanted both CCs to maintain websites about organizational on-goings and what not.  It was sort of my last fatherly deed for TULAY CC before I officially turned the keys over to Kristine.

Just an hour or so ago, I tinkered with the BGV CC blog because I wanted to add a heading image to the main page.  I tried and tried and tried, but there was always a limitation that kept me from doing what I wanted to do.  I tweaked this; I tweaked that, but all to no avail.

I finally decided to give up and resort to the more familiar and more convenient  Good old Blogspot!  Yeah!  I didn't want to give myself a reason for my head to start aching.  I was willing to learn, but then I realized that Blogger is way better, anyway.

So, yes, the new blog for us is now!  I was finally able to use the heading I wanted.  Go check it out!  I haven't posted any articles yet.  I'm too tired to even fill out the blanks there.

Sleep is imperative!