Saturday, January 15, 2011

Every Dog Must Have His Day

This candid shot was taken by my cousin last Thursday when we took Janggo for a walk at Plaza Rizal.  I don't know why he didn't watermark his signature on it.

It's a simple shot, but I've somehow derived some sort of story behind it based on the characters.  That girl isn't supposed to be there, but it's a blessing that she is.  It's also perfectly timed that she was caught by the shutter in that sort of sitting position.

The story would have a frame like this: She's my female companion--with me on a date for the first time.  The dog is her own.  She brought it along thinking I'd be happy because I already told her that I love dogs.  Indeed, I was glad.  She initially thought it cute that I was playing with the mutt, but after a while she started feeling less-than-nice.  I chose to ignore her and I played with the dog throughout most of the date.

Well, it's kind of sad on her part, but things like that actually happen in real life.  I'm not saying I'm encouraging such insensitive demeanor.  It's just something I came up with while staring at the photo.  What about you?  What are your ideas?  What story can you make out of it?

Anyway, my cousin has such an awesome eye for beauty.  He loves his camera and I could tell that it loves him, too.  He could highlight vivid emotions from the most ordinary situations without having to make the viewers feel like they're squeezing something for a few drops of art.  He's a true artist in this field, I must say.  He's as awesome a photographer as he is an awesome person.  Moreover, Janggo likes being around him.

So, yes, my dad and Kristine have met him.  He attended that very same day's Theosophical Society study session.  He didn't sponge up at first, but he told me that it became interesting when it all settled down and became at wave with ideas that he was able to relate to.  Nice!

Afterwards came the usual dinner.  And since we didn't have much of a choice.  I mean it was already past 10:00PM when we left the session hall.  We actually ended it at 9:59, so go figure.  We settled for Andok's--the same place he and I ate at two nights prior.  He and Kristine and dad bonded.  There was food and a long clean humorous conversation.  Moments like those define family.

Anyway, I need to go watch DVDs now.  Toodles!