Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bonding with Dad

I spent Christmas and New Year with my maternal family.  Deal with it!  Does that mean I regard my father any less?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Dad and I have had our bonding days before each celebration.  For example: shortly before the day of the Winter Solstice, dad and I went to Dimiao (my dad's municipality of origin) to visit my 90-year-old grandmother.  Another example?  Well, nearly every night before Christmas eve and New Year's Eve, dad and I had dinner together.  Happy?

Does it matter that our days of "quality time" didn't fall on the holidays?  The important thing is the awareness, acceptance, and openness about the love present in day-to-day living.

Then, again, of course, we did have our New Year bonding today.  Imagine: the last time I met my dad was last year?  [LOL]  It wasn't any kind of bonding that involved expensive stuff or elaborate festive excursions.  No!  It was just food and road trip outside the city.

Apparently, he sent me a message at around 9:00AM asking me to come over to my uncle's place for lunch.  Unfortunately, however, it was not until 30 minutes past 12:00PM that I got to read the message.  I messaged to apologize and, thankfully, it was all good to him.  I took a quick shower and had myself driven over to my uncle's, where he still was.  There, I had a late lunch and a couple of hours of watching boxing on the television.  I didn't really care whose matches those were--not even the fact that it was boxing.  What mattered to me was that I was sitting there with my family.  I was also glad to be there since I got to see my cousin Kristine.  I had missed her birthday on the 26th because I had another engagement, so to have bonded and spoken with her was really nice.

After all that couch-potatoing, dad and I went to a restaurant called Garden Cafe for some snacks.  We had vanilla ice cream-topped mango pie.  It was awesome!  We stayed there for about an hour and a half--way after we'd finished everything on our boats--before deciding to go out and drive around the city for a while.  Awesome, wasn't it?

We didn't get hungry, but we developed a craving for pizza after seeing a mental billboard of Alberto's Pizzeria somewhere along the highway.  So, being the pigs that we were, we decided to order a couple of pizzas and we ate them in the car.  Of course, we didn't finish them.  I gave up after my 5th slice.  Afterwards, as a random thing, we went on a road trip to Panglao to see the lighted park.

You see:  A couple of weeks ago, when dad went all praises about the lights in our city's public park, someone brushed his remarks away saying they were nothing compared to Panglao's park's lights.  So, on this last day before work resumes for him, he decided to take a drive there.

When we did get there, I noticed that some of the lighted structures standing on the lawn had already been removed.  The scenario still retained its beauty, though.  It was probably better than our city's, but I don't think it was appropriate to say that ours was nothing compared to it.

Anyway, that was the final part of our father-son bonding day.  He drove me home afterwards and here I am blogging about it.

Toodles now!