Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fearlessly and Lovingly

Witch, a Universalist, a Muslim, a Sikh, and a Roman Catholic Christian fearlessly and lovingly embracing brotherhood/sisterhood...

Because we are all brothers and sisters.

I actually posted this a while ago on my Facebook profile as my profile photo because I was so deeply moved by it.  This has been in my hard drive since I came home from the URI regional meeting last November and I never really gave it that much attention... until now.

I love the smiles on Kristine's and Ate Jamel's faces.  I love their sisterly hug.  I love my brotherly gesture, putting my hand on Ishilta's shoulder.  My only regret is the fact that I didn't give the same gesture to Kuya Eric, but even then, he doesn't look left out because he wasn't... He isn't left out... and he never will be left out.  Nobody will be left out.  Nobody should ever be left out.  Each one is a brother/sister to everyone else.  We should all accept this fact and live peacefully.

Wow!  No matter how many times I look at this, it never fails to make me smile.