Monday, January 10, 2011

Brand New Friend

Yes, this is me.  He took this.

There's this guy...

[Okay, before you freak out and go all what-?-?-?-he's-gonna-talk-about-a-guy-?-?-?, do hear me out!]

So, yes, there's this guy I met online who happens to be my paternal cousin whom I've never personally met (or known of) before January 7th!  We're really good friends now.  He's cool company; what can I say?

It started off with an innocent attempt by him to know if I knew any Quirog from Dimiao.  Well, I had to tell him I knew myself.  "I'm from Dimiao," I replied.  Before I knew it, he was naming my aunts and uncles and my grandparents and, to my surprise, he was calling them all auntie and uncle as well.  It turned out that, to some close degree, we happened to be cousins so we decided to meet that evening at a coffee shop.

We talked and talked and talked about family and life and life and family.  It was like we'd known each other all our lives--and we should have.  We've been family from the very beginning, after all.  He didn't just become my cousin last Friday.  It's not like some other mountain was the tallest before Mt. Everest was discovered by the English scientists.

After coffee, we went to Martin's where we met my very good friend, Bienna, upon whose whim we were tagged along on an impromptu trip to a beach in Panglao Island.  Awesome!  It was because of that trip that I violated my own resolution of sleeping earlier in 2011.  There were 9 of us who boarded Bienna's boyfriend, BJ's van and had ourselves rocket-shuttled right to Libaong beach.  It was an awesome evening!  We all gazed at the stars while drinking ice cold soda and talking senselessly.  Like my friend, Farrah, says, "we all have the right to be shallow sometimes."

We headed home at about 4:00AM and I arrived home at half past that hour.

This is turning out to be a beautiful friendship.  Everything's clean and brotherly and I like it!  He said he'll be joining this Thursday's Theosophical Society study session.  He'll have to meet my father and Kristine.

Well, that's basically all I have to say for now.  I'm pretty sleepy for some reason.  I just came home from dinner and coffee with my father and I'm mysteriously unaffected by what I had just consumed.  This is a good thing, I guess.  He probably cast some sort of go-to-sleep-shortly-after-you-get-home spell.

Bye now.