Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Companion to the Forgotten

It isn't like me to follow an entry immediately with a new one, but this just can't wait!

I made a new Facebook friend today named Letecia.  She clicked "like" on my profile photo.  Yes, the same one two entries down.  I added her as a friend because, in principle, anyone who appreciates efforts for peace is a friend/brother/sister to me.  When I asked her if she was with URI, it turned out she was actually part of the organizing group.  In other words, she's a key figure in URI's existence.  Wow!  It's such an honor for me to call her a friend--even if it's just on Facebook.

So, anyway, a feed of a video she shared popped up in my main window.  It had the caption, "This video blew me away."  It was something I couldn't allow the night to pass without watching.

And true to its caption...  I was blown away, too.  Even more than that, I was reduced to tears.  Narayanan Krishnan, the man in subject, is truly one for the masses to emulate.  We should stop saying that we need more people like him to come into the picture.  We should be the ones follow the same path and fulfill a greater purpose!  Whatever little things we're capable of doing to help, they matter.

Saying that he's a good man, saying that he's a benevolent force, and praising his work would be for naught if the one saying it has no contribution of his/her own for the good of the Earth.

I really feel the need to share this video with everyone.