Saturday, January 1, 2011


Nope, no rockets here!  But of course, I did fly!  Hahaha!  Never mind how; never mind why; never mind when!  All I can say about it is I loved it!  I loved every single moment of it--fright and all!

I spent a huge part of New Year's Eve sleeping since I knew I'd be awake the entire night.  Ate Lorz, my mom's best friend, woke me up and I, in turn, woke my mom up, too.  It turned out my mom had planned to go to the beach, but was wary about making such decision because she had so much to do.  Imagine that!  New Year's Eve and she was working.  To make matters more churny, she nearly fell into a state of anger for being uncontrollably busy even on the last day of the year.  She finally decided to drop everything and let loose after a few minutes of non-stop blabbering by me and Grandma.  [L!O!L!]

It was already 6:00PM and quite dark when we headed to the beach.  We brought Inu and Bro-Nu (Inu's brother) so they could have fun, too.  And boy, did they!  The tossed, turned, ran around, play-fought, swam, dove!  They did it all!  The great thing about it was we were able to remove Bro-Nu's ticks and fleas.  Yep, he had some.  We don't know where he contracted them, but he had a lot.

We decided to head home at about 8:30PM when I complained to mom that I was really hungry already.  We didn't bring any food and Ate Nining, the rest house manager told us that there wasn't any ready-to-serve food around, so we had to leave.  My tummy was starting to make funny noises.

Right after dinner, I blasted off the ground on my own for the first time!  Oops!  Not a a good topic to elaborate on.  Just so you know.  It's up to you to figure out what I mean.

Come 10:30PM and we were in our festive moods.  Ate Lorz had returned from changing clothes in her house, and we shot off for Alona Beach to see the fireworks!  It was one heck of a party there!  We sat at a section whose name I forgot, had a couple of beers, pizza, and had fun until the countdown, which we gleefully joined!  10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  We greeted 2011 with screeches and jumps like little children once more!  The fireworks display was beautiful!  15 minutes of awesome sky lights...  thousands of dollars burning in the sky, so to speak.  [More LOL]

Before leaving, we stuck around for a while and joined the hundreds of others celebrating 2011's arrival!  We drank some more, and allowed Janggo to run and jump around, too.  He was a crowd favorite!  On more than three occasions did a foreign man/woman call on him to feed him and carry him and pet him.  In his own little way, he was able to put smiles on people's faces, too.

We waited until he finally gave up and retired to sleep.  Cute little Janggo!