Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weeping for Sufism

Sufism is the inner esoteric dimension of Islam.  This is how peaceful Sūfī are.

Yesterday, I got a very disturbing piece of news from a fellow URI Peace Advocate.  Dave of Global Healing informed us that Sufi Shrines are being attacked in Pakistan by fundamentalist conservative Islam extremists.  He shared a video documentation by the New York Times and I literally wept through it.

What is happening to the world?  Killing has absolutely nothing to do with Islam.  It's supposed to be a peaceful religion, but why are those people doing what they're doing?  Political interests?  Dreams of global control?  World domination?  Terrorism?  Why?  Why??  Why???

I'm very emotional right now and I have the right to be.  Everyone in the world should start giving a damn.  The people who are capable of doing something should start doing something about this!  I can't bear the sight of my Sufi brothers and sisters being slaughtered simply because their beliefs are viewed as threatening to their fellow Muslims.  Take note:  fellow Muslims, of all people.  When is this going to stop?

Let us all direct our energy towards the less-fortunate parts of our world and project healing thoughts for all beings affected.  Let us all do what we can to help.

Hi URI Friends:

The following is a link to a New York Times video on how Sufism is under attack by Islamic militants because they don't believe the right way according to these Muslims.
Also today Foreign Policy magazine identified Pakistan to be the world's greatest terrorist threat, a much great threat than IranAfghanistan, or any other nation.
The reason for Pakistan's dubious designation is it's culture of religiously motivated violence that supports blasphemy laws.   
A Governor was just assassinated for opposing the blasphemy laws that are generally used against people of other religions.
We see however that these same people are using their thinking to justify killing other Muslims of the Sufi tradition for not practicing Islam the way they think it should be.
Without a strong enforcement of human rights a culture of religiously motivated violence will be allowed to continue to thrive.

Be Well,