Friday, January 14, 2011

The Bite

You have bitten me,
So hard, so strong,
But it is lucid I see,
That THIS is not wrong.

I ache and I fear,
In utter agony,
For how not it is clear,
The picture I see.

We've treaded THIS lane,
So shortly and tranquil.
And here we've befallen,
On a fate so delightful.

In your thoughts you found jest,
And saw nothing but oddity.
Yet bound we are for the best,
Armed with but passion's fury.

For the eyes of the meager,
What we do is but wicked.
In two ways we beleaguer,
Laws the Fathers alleged.

We fall foul of tradition,
Known since time unknown.
But we move forward and on,
For THIS knows no ration.

I succumb to your bite,
To your potent poison.
You, too, yield to the might,
Of my heady submission.

'tis bumpy our road,
And dangers we face.
For turns shall unfold,
In THIS crazy maze.

Courage be tested,
And strength be maimed.
But as it is said,
The wild can't be tamed.

We shall see how we fare,
In our endeavor.
We face fire for we dare,
But sweetness we shall savor.

So cheers to us two,
As we drown in our space.
We shall walk to and fro,
THIS joyous craze.

You have bitten me,
And I you.
A single destiny,
We have fallen to.

I have hit ground fast,
And hard as hard be.
You have blurred the past,
Now it's just you and me.

My greatest fear is you,
As has always been.
But nothing is more true,
Than what I have seen.

Venom runs in me,
And, in you whom I have wounded.
No wrong can I see,
If with THIS it is founded.

THIS is Life!

THIS is an Offering!

THIS is Vibrant!

THIS is an Embrace.

THIS is it.