Wednesday, January 19, 2011

For Love and Faith and Devotion

I thought it was a good idea to write things in another language because of the advantage I had over people who didn't understand.  The problem with Google Chrome is that it automatically detects what language is being used and it suggests translating it to your colloquial tongue.  How lame is that?  Well, it's beneficial to those who are interested (but know not a single drop of Gaelic), but what about for the writer whose primary emotional outlet is through writing?

Let's also not abandon the fact that Google gives you lamely broken English from the language it flipped and tossed and tore apart to squeeze meaning from.

In any case, enough about that.  I don't want to give myself too much stress about something digital.  It's not good for the spirits and forces around me.  The last thing I want is them getting the wrong idea and finding my notebook busted the next morning.  NOOO!  Please, don't.

So, yes, let's move on to the next thing in mind.  I danced again earlier.  This time, we danced barefoot and we all sang.  Last time, it was just the leader who sang.  Today was different.  It was very brief but still awesome!  The sugar was awesome, too!  It was a like Sans Rival Bakeshop Silvanas on a late Tuesday afternoon.  Can you imagine?  We all had a good time!

I guess you could liken our passion to charismatic Christian groups on a Sunday morning.  Have you ever noticed how they get so emotional and so utterly passionate about their shared faith that they start to sing very loudly until they end up crying and kneeling down?  Afterwards you'll notice them starting to dance waving their arms around like sea anemones--eyes closed and all.

Our dance earlier was a lot like worship.  It was similar in many ways as it involved trust and faith and love and devotion and passion.  The primary difference was that ours was done with our own songs and none of those like One Way Jesus or Lord I Lift Your Name on High.  Why sing someone else's songs when we're more than capable of making new ones then and there?  Get it?

I was just a little disappointed in myself.  I entered the trance ahead.  I wanted us to get into it together.  Nevertheless, I didn't stop singing afterwards.  I sang while waiting for them to make like the ending of Rocky Horror's The Time Warp and let everything go.  It was still a very good experience--as always.

The best thing about it was that we all came as we were without regard for personal restraints.  We also exited the same way.  The only thing that mattered was that we were all passionate about what we were doing and no one was proselytized into participating even if nobody expected it to happen again this soon.

So, yes, that was it!  I need to fall down and pass out now!