Friday, January 7, 2011

Shanti Aum: Peace!

I'm writing in English today so you may rejoice!

I'm starting on this brand new book my mom gave me.  Of course, by "starting on," I mean I've started reading it.  It's called The Leader's Way and it was co-written by His Holiness The Dalai Lama.  It's an awesome book and I already made that judgment before I even started reading it.  Go figure.  My mom doesn't give things she doesn't feel good about.  What kind of awesome person would do that?

I'm currently not in the position to give any review about the book since I'm not even half-way yet.  It's not one of those pure-fiction novels one would open and read the entire night and finish at 2AM.  No.  It's something that takes pondering on.  A few pages and one needs to stop to go out into the world and try to absorb the contents by living out the insights one has gotten out of it.  It's not something you could get into you by skimming or reading very fast.  Jason Bourne has no place in this.

What else do I have to write about besides my hunger?  I really don't want to delve into MY hunger 'cause it's too vast a topic.  If I allow myself to start, I'd end up making comments about bad linguine at Pizza Hut, so never mind.

Oh, yes, it was our regular Theosophical Society session last night and we had a new guest.  It's always a treat for us to have new guests especially if they're there to learn and not simply to preach what they think they know. This most recent one, we could tell, was willing to learn.  Yes, we do have non-member attendees who attend to show off or ask irrelevant queries--to Dad Vic, nonetheless.  However, I'm trying to be as Theosophical as I can in dealing with such kind of personality.  We have to help such people in their growth--even if (and especially because we're aware that) they have a long way to go.  If it's not the TS that's going to at least try to help them, then who else?

Every single being is my brother/sister--embraced as I am in one kind of hidden love--no matter how much it irks me to admit it when having specific people in mind.

Shanti Aum.

Blessed be...