Friday, October 15, 2010

Short Day

Today was such a short day.  I don't know if anything significant or interesting ever happened.  I slept through it.  I took a work break at around 9AM, had breakfast, worked some more 'till 12 noon and then passed out when it started raining.

It's been raining a lot here lately and I don't like it.  I normally like it when rain pours 'cause dust gets washed away and wild life gets nurtured, but this house is just so worn down that it makes the whole experience suck.  No, the ceiling doesn't drip; the walls just become mini waterfalls for some reason.  I know!  It's 10 times worse!  Somewhere around here there's a crack that's causing water to enter the house through the concrete and I don't want it fixed!

[Wait, what?]

 Yeah, you read me right!  I DO NOT want it fixed.  I just want to move out!

On the 23rd of October, I'll be heading home to Bohol for my week-long birthday celebration.  I'll be returning to Cebu in early November and when I do, I don't intend to ever be in this place again if not for the purpose of extracting my possessions.

I want to spend pre-Christmas season in a peaceful, good-smelling, drip-free abode.  I want to be in a house that's free of mice and cockroaches and spiders running around like the place was built for them.

First thing in the list of things to do for November:  LOOK FOR A NEW HOUSE!

For a while after typing that sentence containing "peaceful, good-smelling, drip-free..." I was tempted to add "environment-friendly," but the Philippines doesn't have a technical (or architectural) equivalent to the Solar Umbrella House.  So, I dropped it.

Looks like the task is up to me to spearhead a project like that here.  I'm so over conventions and centralized substandard shizzowazzles.  The only bill that doesn't irk me is the phone bill because our provider actually delivers what it advertises and the internet connection speed we're getting is more than 150% as fast as what we're supposedly paying for.  I have no complaints about that.  Who would?  Everything else really bothers me, though.  (1) The unnecessarily high figures of the bill coming from the electric company that thinks it's okay to turn the power off every once in a while and (2) the water supply bill from the water company that gives us a smelly tap flow are enough reasons to end our subscription.  It's just that we don't have a choice.  They're monopolies and they suck - big time!

By the time I fulfill all my obligations and achieve my career goals (become a lawyer and take over Mom's farm), I will have become rich with my own money.  When that happens, I'll build my versions of the Solar Umbrella House and the Brighton Earthship.

In the mean time, however, I'll just have to pick another conventional house that's better than what I'm living in right now.


 The Solar Umbrella House

The Brighton Earthship