Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Inspired By the Episode

Remember I said I wouldn't write about every single Glee episode I get to watch?  Well, I'm still not going to.  Certainly not every episode, but definitely some.  Maybe a lot.  Who knows?

Anyway, I'm not going to write statements to vindicate what some may see as a violation of my own words.  That's not why I'm writing right now.  I'm not even writing about the third (and, to date, most recent) episode of Glee.  I'm writing because I want to express how it made me feel.  It was just wonderful and I want to write about the inspiration I derived from it.

No, I'm not turning Christian.  There's no reason for me to.  I'm not turning Jewish either; and I'm definitely not turning atheist.  I was just really affected and deeply moved by Glee's portrayal of upholding the idea of a power greater than any Earthly consciousness could fathom.

In the same line of thinking where Kurt Hummel does not believe in a Supreme Being, I don't see a problem at all.  As long as one lives his/her life with principles that respect and do good to the rest of the world, I don't think The Supreme One we believe in would see anything wrong with it.  On that note, some atheists may even be better people than the religious ones who simply go to churches and worship without applying faith to life's daily encounters.  I'm just saying.

I have a lot of friends who are Christians and I have great respect for them.  They do not try to egg me into Christianity as much as I don't try to influence them into adopting any Witchcraft.  The only principle I always insist on regarding religion is to leave each one alone with his/her belief.  Proselytizing someone into believing the same spiritual faith is always (and forever will be) wrong.  Leave each one to his/her own.

[Laptop dims again.  Power outage AGAIN!]

When anyone asks me about my religion, I gladly explain so that they would understand.  Likewise, when I wonder about something regarding a different faith, I ask them, too - simply because I want to understand.  I do not believe in religious tolerance.  Tolerance is a word that means allowing something undesirable to happen.  I do not want to tolerate anything that I would forever view as undesirable.  Instead, we should practice interfaith understanding.  We understand each other and learn from each other and keep each of our own faiths.

You may not necessarily believe in what others tell you but at least you know why they do the things they do.  At least you understand.  And then after you understand, accept the fact that they do it differently from the way you do it.

I love my Magickal tradition and everything it teaches as much as Christians love the Christ Jesus.  Moreover, I believe that The Supreme being only has different names.  Each religion is simply a different way of communicating to this being.  Essentially, though, I believe all of them refer to the same Absolute One.  I am not saying we should all just practice the same religion.  Definitely not.  Each religion is influenced by a culture.  That is an important aspect.  Keep your own religion, but respect and understand others'.  Later you will realize that there aren't that much differences after all.

This photo is of an organization of different religions and faith traditions who gather together to understand and learn from each other.  This is a step towards the peace we dream of.  Here, they show that they are united in one good cause but with diverse spiritual paths leading to the same peace.

This is the United Religions Initiative.


Again, the power went out while I was typing a blog entry.  What are the odds of that?  Twice in the same situatioon - on the very same day.

I don't feel like getting angry about this.  VECO is probably just not capable of supplying 24 hours of power to the entire city these past days.  I'd like to think they're trying their best already.  This is the second straight day of twice-a-day power outages.  It's not very nice, but I can't do anything about it at the moment so there's no point in getting angry.


It's 8:13 PM now and the power isn't back yet.  It's been nearly an hour.  We have to wake Melvin at 8:20 and he is so not going to like this.  The long, pink candle I installed on the sink had already burnt its wick away.  I have 2 purple candles beside my notebook and they're starting to go faint, too.  I'm not even supposed to be using these.  They're for my potpouri.  Which reminds me: I need to get a new pot.  My old one fell down and cracked.  I can't use it anymore.  I don't want to risk any leaks.


Melvin just got up and I had to give him a new purple candle.  Of course, when a friend needs help, I always help.  I have plenty more where that came from, anyway.  And if my supply runs out, I could always buy a new box from Watson's.

Wow, I'm feeling really positive.  Who knew an episode of Glee could have this much effect on me?  It's good to prolong good feelings.  I feel good not getting angry about this whole power outage situation.  On a normal evening, I would have flared up and gone on and on about how the Philippines needs to improve on this and that and what not.

Yes, of course, I still have the same thoughts about national improvement, but it's so much nicer without all the useless profanity.

Oh, gosh!  I don't know what else to say.  My notebook is starting to run out of juice.

Please, please, please!  Right now, I'm channeling my thoughts to whoever is in control of that switch.

"Please turn the power on already.  Please?"


Finally!  9:04PM!  Posting...