Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Facebook is Down

I can't believe it!  Facebook is down!  I was just browsing through some pages and tinkering with whatever there is to read on Allegiance's page, and all of a sudden the chat box said I had zero (0) friends online!  Really?  From 80 friends online to zero?  I wasn't entertaining the pops but for a list to make a plummet from over 80 to zero was plain ridiculous.

In a panic that my account was somehow hacked by some inscrutable providence of a juvenile delinquent, I quickly hit the refresh button to see if I could still login.  Well, what do you know?  La-dee-da for me.  I couldn't even open the main page now!  I tried Google Chrome, I tried IE, I tried Safari, but it just wouldn't open.  I asked my friend Janette if there was something wrong with her page. I was glad to learn that the whole of Facebook was down and out - a consoling fact after thinking I'd done something wrong to scare it away.

Ugh!  I have not responded to my friend's emails yet.  Why, oh why?  Why, Facebook?

I could just imagine... A lot of people must be at their wits' ends right now.  It's an undeniable fact that some people actually rely on Facebook for a lot of things.  For instance, my communication with my cousins from Canada.  Email?  No way!  It's all done on Facebook chat & messaging!  Also, updates from our favorite fads.  Who could...?   Wait...

Yeah, Facebook's back.  It's extremely slow, though.  And only 20 of my friends are online.  The others are probably still smoking their second stick or hitting a chair with a baseball bat to ease their anger at the situation.

[Laptop dims.  It's 1:00 PM.]

And just when things were starting to go right, the Visayan Electric Company (VECO) decided its their turn to go wee-hoo on us.  Apparently, the power is down.  No UPS for the modem, equals no internet.  I'm typing on a dry page right now and it feels weird.  I feel like I'm going "dear diary" on  I guess this'll just have to wait 'till the power comes back.  This is one of the things that really irk me about this country.

Well, I'll have to end this right here.  It's way past lunch time and none of us in the house have eaten anything since getting up this morning.  I'll have to struggle cooking in a dark kitchen.  I just hope I don't make like Dan Aykroyd's portrayal of Julia Child and slice my fingers off.


[Logs back in.]

Well, power's back now.  Posting...