Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pink Ribbon Month

The International Month of Peace is over and now we mo...  Actually, no.  It shouldn't be over.  Every day should be a day of peace.  The yearly celebration exists because we accept the fact that our world is not peaceful.  I accept that, too.  There is no other way to deal with a would than start with accepting that it's there.  If you ignore something, it'll just get worse.

The key to spreading peace is sharing what little you have of it.  I have peace in my life right now and I share it with others - even in something as simple as writing.

Okay, okay.  This entry isn't about the lack of world peace.  I was gonna say that it's breast cancer awareness month!  I have a number of friends living with breast cancer.  No, they're not dying from it but living with it - which is a more positive way to put it.  Life is a cycle.  Moreover, we should also accept that the end of our Earthly lives is just an end of a step in a bigger cycle, not the end of the whole cycle itself.  Yes, there is something more - whether we accept it or not.

It's a biological burden but not a reason to see yourself as a lesser creation than all the rest.  It's something unique.  I've noticed that friends of mine who are living with the pink ribbon are able to deal with normal predicaments better.

So, while we support science in their quest to find a remedy, we show our friends support.  A simple hug will do.  Nothing fancy needed.