Tuesday, October 12, 2010

For 10/11/2010: Out With Mom

I'm not home right now and I haven't been able to post on my blog for today yet.  I have no way of doing that as of the moment since I don't have my laptop handy and my phone is dead.  I also told my Mom to kill everything digital so she could focus on quality time.  It would be a violation of my own policy to borrow hers.

Never mind.  This posting can wait.  I can post this later when I get home.  My mom is more important.

Right now, we're at a Japanese restaurant called Rai-Rai Ken at Asiatown IT Park having dinner.  I picked Mom and Ate Tata up at SM around 8:20PM.  It's now 9:43 and we just finished eating.  Mom's in the jane fixing herself - ready for a long conversation - so I'm taking this opportunity to write.  Also, if you're wondering, I'm writing on our dinner bill's receipt.  Paper.  Very, very small text size to accommodate everything I have to say.

It's been over 2 months since mom and I last saw each other.  The last was when I was home in Bohol.  August 6th.  It was Alec's 16th birthday.  That's like 4 years in family time count so I'm looking forward to a long and funny conversation.  My Mom has a special brand of humor I always miss when I'm away.

The two ladies are flying to Boracay tomorrow to attend a seminar on water.  I forgot what private company is holding it and I couldn't care less.  I know she's primarily upbeat about it 'cause she wants to have fun.  She said the organizing committee for the event is famous for its late starts and early endings so she brought swimwear with her.  This isn't technically an excursion for her but I know she's going to be as opportunistic as a cash-hungry politician.  She needs to unwind.  She's been so busy being de facto co-governor of Bohol and she only has time to smell the roses every three months or so.  And by busy I mean consistent days of 1AM or 2AM to 6AM rest hours.  Yes, including weekends.  She barely even has time to visit the farm.  Gosh, mom!

She's my hero in this regard.  She isn't doing this for the money?  Because... Why should she be?  She's doing this for the good of our province.  I'm tolerating this but we agreed she has to disconnect herself from hands-on government and politics once I'm done with business school.

I believe in the saying that goes, "with great power comes great responsibility," but she's not Spiderman!  If you come to think of it, it's easier for Spiderman 'cause his superhero life is detatched from his normal life.  For Mom on the other hand, both are one and the same.  Agh!  She's nearing 45 and in need of semi-retirement even if she doesn't want to admit it.  She's done way more than she ever needed to.

Plus, she always travels.  No, not for leisure most of the time.  She travels for work.  She only gets to travel for leisure very seldomly.  Of course, she manages to pull out fun time on work trips but that's just not enough in my opinion.  2009 in Canada was her last vacation.  That was like ages ago!  She needs at least 2 long vacations every year to compensate for the work she does.

Oh... She's on her way back to the table!  I need to wrap this up.




Here are some pics of mom:

 Mom somewhere in Japan (work trip)

 Mom and MamaLol (grandma)

 Mom (Red) with fellow politics people
--except the 2nd one from the left who's a chauffeur.
The one in the middle is the governor - my uncle.

Mom's 44th
[Tita Mimi (Purple), Alec (Plain white), Mom (Zebra Stripes),
Aunt Bing (Blue), Grandma (White & Green)]

Mom's 2009 Canada Vacation
[Aunt Bing (Green), Uncle Czar (Light Gray), Grandma (Brownish Gray),
Mommy Joyce (Pink), Mom (Blue Checkers)]
Four siblings and their mom.  This photo lacks Uncle Butch to be complete.
Too bad he wasn't able to go.  Constraints, constraints.