Saturday, October 9, 2010

Touchpad Button Needs Tweaking

I love my notebook.  I totally love it, and I don't enjoy not-so-desirable stuff happening to it.

I don't like the fact that my touchpad's left click button doesn't click easily anymore.  It seems like I need to do constant, unnecessary double-clicks in place of single clicks, and triple-clicks instead of double-clicks.  Or, or I could make it work by pressing down really hard.  I don't like doing the latter, though.  I'd be putting pressure on the mazes underneath and if they get ruined, I'm totally screwed.

I've resorted to using a USB mouse lately but if I'm in my room, where there's no table, I'd be in agony.  I'd have to go outside everytime I want to do serious work.  Gah!  I need to get this fixed before it gets completely kaput.  That wouldn't be pretty AT ALL!

I think the reason for this is too much clicking.  This baby was once used as a Plants vs. Zombies arcade.  Since that's a clicking game, we clicked and clicked... and clicked more.  Well, go figure.  And now, I acquired Chuzzle Deluxe.  Very bad!