Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Day I Begin to Tone Down

Let's see how this goes.

I'm going to start spending less time blogging.  No more than 5 minutes per post until I decide I need to post something long.

Julianne, I'm deeply sorry about this.  I know you're a bit used to my long, inspiring posts and what not, but please allow me to do this.  This won't last all year, I promise.  I call this my word fast.  Not the speedy kind of fast; I mean fast as iin fasting.  You know the kind of fasting Christians do during lent to repent on their sins and sacrifice pleasures to thank God the father for the death of Christ Jesus?  Yep, that's the kind of fasting I'm referring to.

So, anyway... Today, did a self-examination session again.  That was my last for this series.  I centered my thoughts on the elaborate concept of "love."  I asked myself a lot of questions and got a lot of answers.  Some answers were very certain-sounding and very antagonozing of today's present circumstances that I wasn't really happy about them.  Nevertheless, they came from me--and intuitively at that.

I love.  It's a general statement.  This is the only way we're all ever going to attain peace.  We should love.  We should love selflessly even if we love ourselves, too.  Self love that involves hate is not real love, I'm sorry to say.  There is nothing negative that can be derived out of pure love.