Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Naked Truth

I had a little free time the other day and I decided to make another Pink Ribbon tribute photo for the Pink Month.  It took me like an hour to finish editing the whole thing.  No, I didn't use Adobe Photoshop.  Nothing fancy, really.  My only tools were MS Powerpoint, Windows Photo Gallery, and Paint.  I haven't got the slightest idea about how Photoshop works so it's definitely not an option.  I also heard it's quite heavy on your hard drive.  I've only got, like, 29-something free on mine and I don't really have much use for it so no point in acquiring it.

In the photo, I'm standing naked turned around with my right hand on my left chest.  My gesture pays tribute to those living with breast cancer.  If words could be recorded in photographs, you'd hear me saying, "I Can Serve."

You'd probably get the notion to say that the world would be so much better off without cancer and other diseases.  You're right, actually.  I know it would be selfish to say that the existence of diseases is for greater appreciation of life (and health for those who aren't sick).  But what can we do?  These maladies are nature-given and they're here for us to find a way out of.  No predicament exists where a solution isn't lurking somewhere waiting to be discovered.  That's what organizations like the I Can Serve Foundation are there for.  Sooner or later, we will rise above all these things.

Like I always say, "everything is a learning experience--be it self- or nature-given."

Anyway, yeah.  My friend JL is probably waiting on my responses.  They're long overdue now.  I've read the messages over 10 times but haven't sent my replies.


To JL:

Don't worry, J.  I will respond when I'm not tied up anymore.  In the mean time, you can always read me here.  I know you're reading this, too.  Hehehe!  My work break is nearing as my birthday is so I'll be free to write whatever I want and communicate with my friends again .  I'm just so dedicated to this blog that missing even a single post is as much a mortal sin to me as smoking is to my dad.  But don't ever get the idea that I'm not going to respond.  I will.  Promise.


J is such an inspiring person.  She's a perfect role model to women all over the world (most especially mothers) who are down and want to be able to rise again.