Sunday, October 3, 2010

Terrible TERMITE Terror

While I was working carefreely on my computer, Janette asked if she could borrow some of my DVDs.  I gladly said yes.  Those devils haven't been lifted from my cabinet in quite a while.  It'd do them some good to be rotated crazy in her antique of a DVD player.  Plus, she'd be liberated from her boredom.  It was a seemingly perfect symbiosis for the two - or so I thought.

Janette ran from my room in disgust.  She said there were termites in my closet and they were eating on my DVDs and my stacked papers.  True to the lady's account, when John and I went to check on it, there they were crawling gleefully as ever.

There they were - happily expanding their colony.  There they were eating on my DVD hard covers, my VectorBPO contract, my Theosophical Society newsletters, my collection of brochures, John's notebook, my thong!  Worst of all they had eaten on my copy of "Life's Little Instruction Book"!

I considered that book to be one of my most valuable possessions.  It was dad's gift to me for college.  It was given to him by the author, H. Jackson Brown, Jr, himself.  Oh, if only we were at peace right now, he'd kill me!  Dad, if you ever get to read this, I'm sorry.  You must be in a state of pure rage right now.

I'm going to buy another copy for decency's sake, but I'm going to cut up the pages and bind them to preserve the whole idea of it being a gift.  To me, that's what truly matters - the sentimental value.  Luckily for me, none of the content words were eaten through.

We went out and cleaned the DVDs, collected the important stuff, and burned the rest that I could do without.  We saw nature at work when the ants appeared out of nowhere and carried the termites to their lair - wherever the hell it is.  We tried to look for the queen but it wasn't there.  It must be in a bigger hill.  Hayyy!  That means they're gonna keep expanding.  They're not going to stop until we take murderous measures.

Again, Dad, I'm so sorry.  I have a Yanni CD for you here and a T-Shirt saying, "Thank God I'm a Father."  Just so you know.  I bought it ages ago but I've never been able to give it to you yet.