Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm 21

I'm 21-years-old starting today and until another year from now.  Big deal!

Have I made a difference?  Maybe in the past, I have, but I don't think being 20 was that great for me.  I need to start fixing messes, reconciling animosities, and working for the greater good.  I don't enjoy being just another disposable come-and-go person whose life didn't mean anything.

And why the heck am I here in Cebu?  My family misses me and I can hear my grandmother callinge me in my head.

My dad greeted me a couple of hours ago.  I responded.  This is a good sign.  After over a year, a sign.

Like the way I inspired myself two days ago, I'm going to create a trend of inspiration emanating from within me.  This way, what comes from outside will be supplementary to what's already coming out of me.  And this is not just for me alone, whoever catches the good bug is blessed.

I love life.  I've loved it for 20 years and now my 21st will be the best so far--I'll make sure of that!